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Published: 11th April 2011
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The vogue in exotic dog breeds continues with people across the world seeking out more and more rare, interesting and exciting examples as pets. While some take it to the extreme with a quick Google search revealing that the ignorant uninitiated out there ready are seemingly to hop on the first cheap flights to Cape Town they can find in order to attempt to adopt an African Wild Dog as a personal pet, there are a number of rare and exotic breeds that can be purchased and kept as domestic pets by the right owners.

Before Choosing an Exotic Dog Breed

While the allure of owning an exotic dog breed is strong, it is important that potential dog owners choose wisely when selecting a new member of their household. A few important points to bear in mind include:

• Cost – keeping a dog of any kind is costly. Would be owners should remember to factor in food bills for the size of dog they are considering as well as looking at insurance costs for the breed in question.
• Commitment – being a dog owner requires a high level of commitment. Potential owners need to ask themselves if they really have the necessary time to commit to a new pet. Think about the animal’s need for exercise and company – exotic dog breeds can be rewarding pets but will also place constraints on the owner’s lifestyle.
• Confidence – before selecting an exotic breed possible pet owners should look at their level of confidence and choose a dog that they will feel confident taking charge of and training. It is an owner’s responsibility to keep their dog in check so people should be realistic when buying.

Popular Exotic Dog Breeds

With so many breeds of dog out there it is natural that some owners want to take on something a little special. Some popular choices for those looking for an exotic dog choice include:

• The Chinese Crested Dog – This breed of almost bald dog which sports tufts of hair on its head and ears is a favorite with the famous – presenting a great talking point and making for some fine photos. Easily adaptable with a god temperament, this is one exotic dog of choice for those who want a remarkable little traveling companion.
• Portuguese water dog – With a coat that hardly shed this big working breed is popular with families who may have allergy concerns. These are friendly beast but do not like to be left alone.
• Chow Chow – This black-tongued breed make a loyal and loving pet, but their strong personalities can cause them to be wary and react accordingly if forced into contact with people or animals who are unfamiliar.
• Samoyed – One of the most expensive dog breeds in the world, the Samoyed is a truly affectionate pet that loves its owners, making this a great companion.
• American Hairless Terrier – Another hairless dog, the American Hairless is a popular choice of pet for those that want a dog to cosset, as their sensitive skin offers a great excuse for pampering and dressing.

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